Athena Arms indoor shooting range, gun club, firearms store, training center.


Athena Arms

3403 Samson Way

Bellevue, Nebraska


Range & Store Hours:

Mon-Sat  10:00 - 9:00

Sunday  10:00 - 6:00

Our range and store are open!

We  strive to achieve our goal of helping to protect the public by properly arming and training citizens. As purveyors of firearms and defenders of the 2nd Amendment, our essential retail services will continue to operate as scheduled.

Our Sanitization Procedures and Policies:

We put the utmost emphasis on serving the public and protecting the safety of our valued community members. Our sales floor and shooting range are separate structures with independent climate control systems. We are able to operate within the confines of published group limit mandates, while providing you with a full service experience.

We have been sticking to a rigorous schedule of sanitization of all surfaces and have implemented rigid hygiene protocols for all employees who come into contact with the public. We had a professional disinfectant service perform a full fumigation sweep of the building and all surfaces last night. We value public safety very highly, and we are doing everything we can to help ensure that our guests remain safe and healthy. 

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ammo in stock

ammo in stock


Indoor shooting range, 25 yards, 10 lanes.


Concealed Carry & Firearms Safety Classes


25-Yards, 10 Lanes 

The range is OPEN to the public.

Lane Rental:

$11 per 1/2 hour

Military/LE Discounts

Our shooting range and gun club provides a safe, clean shooting range environment, open to the public and members. 

Stainless steel Athena Arms membership cards.


Concealed Carry & Firearms Safety Classes


Enjoy free access to the range any time we are open, plus exclusive perks and discounts.

Benefits Include:

•Free Targets

•Free Range Time

•Ammo Discounts

•Free Guests

•Much More

Concealed Carry Class, Pistol, CCW, CHP, Conceal and Carry, Nebraska Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry & Firearms Safety Classes

Concealed Carry & Firearms Safety Classes

Concealed Carry & Firearms Safety Classes

Athena Arms is proud to be the exclusive home of Nebraska Personal Defense (NPD).

Since 2013, NPD has helped more than 5,000 responsible Nebraskans get their permits.

Classes are held every weekend.


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